• The competition shall be held annually. Prizes will be awarded to the Winners and Runners-up of the main competition, and Plate Competition. A high break prize will be awarded for the highest break overall. Professional players are not eligible to play.

• All competitions are to be run on a knockout basis. Teams eliminated in the first round in the main draw will be entered into a Plate Completion which will then run side by side with the main SWO meaning every team will play a minimum of two matches.

• A team will consist of 3 players. All heats, semi-finals and finals shall be the best of seven frames. Match pairings shall be determined by a draw made by the team captains prior to the match commencement, and all games shall be played in the order drawn. Each pair to play one frame followed by a second frame played by the same pairs in the same order. In the event of a 3-3 match tie, captains are to nominate a team member to play a deciding frame.

• In all rounds up to the semi-finals, matches are to be played at the registered venue of the team named home in the draw. Teams drawn at home shall contact their opponents within seven days of the draws being published. Four suggested dates should be offered to play, at least two of which shall be weekend dates. This being a Friday evening, Saturday or Sunday. Should the home team fail to submit dates within the time allowed, the responsibility for contact will then fall with the away team who can also claim home advantage should they wish. The four date ruling then transfers to the away team.

• Semi Finals and Finals to be played at a neutral club of which they will provide a referee. The venues and dates for these matches will be set by the competition organiser.

• Results should be submitted through the South Wales Snooker website to the competition organiser. The winning team has the responsibility to submit the results. Teams whose results are not received by the closing date will be automatically disqualified.

• The home team has the responsibility to referee each match. The miss ruling is at the referee’s discretion although interpretations should be discussed prior to the match starting. The referee’s decision is final.

• Team registrations must be completed and paid by Wednesday 31st August 2022. The first round draw will be published on Monday 5th September 2022 with the first round deadline being Sunday 16th October. All future deadline dates will be available nearer the time.

• Each team can register up to six players. Players can be of any age providing they are registered. If they are under 18 and drawn away, the home team must be made aware of this prior to playing to confirm the player is allowed play in their club. This is an amateur competition, no professionals on the 22/23 tour can be registered.

• Registrations cannot be altered after the draw for the first round has been made. A player registered for one team cannot be transferred to another during the competition. In the event of a club playing an unregistered player, the match is to be awarded to the opposing team.

• The entrance fee will be £30 per team, this should be made payable to the competition organiser. Prize monies will be decided and published based on entry totals and other potential incomes.

• The competition organiser is to have the power to settle all matters arising if not covered by these rules.

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